viernes, 13 de octubre de 2017

PROGRAMA #304 (12/10/2017)


PEZBAND (Pezband, 1977)
“Baby It’s Cold Outside”
“When I’m Down”
“Close Your Eyes”
PEZBAND (Laughing in the Dark, 1978)
“Love Goes Underground”
“Stop! Wait a Minute”
“Come On Madeline”
“On and On”
CHEAP TRICK (In Color, 1977)
“Hello There”
“I Want You to Want Me”
“Southern Girls”
“Come On, Come On”
THE SHOES (Black Vinyl Shoes, 1977)
“Boys Don’t Lie”
“Writing a Postcard”
“Nowhere So Fast”
THE SHOES (Present Tense, 1979)
“Tomorrow Night”
“Too Late”
“Now and Then”

domingo, 8 de octubre de 2017

PROGRAMA #303 (05/10/2017)


NORTH MISSISSIPPI ALLSTARS (Prayer for Peace, 2017).
“Prayer for Peace”
“Need to Be Free” (Junior Kimbrough)
“Deep Ellum” (Traditional)
LEE RANALDO (Electric Trim, 2017)
“Moroccan Mountains”
“Uncle Skeleton”
LUNA (A Sentimental Education, 2017)
“Most of the Time” (Bob Dylan)
“(Walking Thru’ The) Sleepy City” (Mick Jagger/Keith Richards)
“Let Me Dream If I Want to” (Mink Deville)
THE SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS (The Electric Pinecones, 2016)
“Freak Flag”
“Swamp Fox”
TOM PETTY (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, 1976)
"American Girl"

sábado, 30 de septiembre de 2017

PROGRAMA #302 (28/09/2017)


SPARKS (Kimono my House, 1974)
“Amateur Hour”
“Talent Is An Asset”
"This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us"
“Lost and Found”
JET (Jet, 1975)
“My river”
“Brian Damage”
"Nothing To Do With Us"
“Cover Girl”
RADIO STARS (Songs For Swinging Lovers, 1977)
“Good Personality”
“No Russians in Rusia”
"Nervous Wreck"
RADIO STARS (Holiday Album, 1978)
“The Real Me”
"Sex in Chains Blues"

PROGRAMA #301 (21/09/2017)


LIVING COLOUR “Freedom of Expression” (F.O.X.) (Shade, 2017)
LIVING COLOUR “Blak Out” (Shade, 2017)
FILTHY FRIENDS “Despierta” (Invitation, 2017)
FILTHY FRIENDS “Any Kind of Crowd” (Invitation, 2017)
WESLEY FULLER “Someone to Walk Around With”
MAVIS STAPLES "If All I Was Was Black”
THE DREAM SYNDICATE “Filter Me Through You” (How Did I Find Myself Here, 2017)
THE DREAM SYNDICATE “Out of My Head” (How Did I Find Myself Here, 2017)
THE DREAM SYNDICATE “The Circle” (How Did I Find Myself Here, 2017)
BEEFHEAD “Believe & Touch” (Feeding the Jaguar, 2017)
BEEFHEAD “Jaguar” (Feeding the Jaguar, 2017)
SPARKS "Barbecutie" (Kymono My House, 1974)
CHELSEA "Twelve Men" (Chelsea, 1979)
CHELSEA "Urban Kids" (Chelsea, 1979)
SAVOY BROWN "Why Did You Hoodoo Me” (Witchy Feelin’, 2017)

PROGRAMA #300 (14/09/2017)


The Joneses "Criminals in My Car" (Jonestown, 1982)
The Joneses “Graveyard Rock” (Someone Got Their Head Kicked In, 1982)
The Joneses "Ms. 714" (Keeping Up with The Joneses, 1986)
The Joneses “Black Cat Bone” (Keeping Up with The Joneses, 1986)
The Joneses “Chip Away At the Stone” (Keeping Up with The Joneses, 1986)
The Joneses ”Jungle Disease” (Keeping Up with The Joneses, 1986)
London "Dirty City" (Non-Stop Rock, 1985)
London “Party in Hollywood” (Non-Stop Rock, 1985)
London “Radio Stars” (Non-Stop Rock, 1985)
London “Drop the Bomb” (Do not Cry Wolf, 1986)
Guns and Roses “Reckless Life” (Live Like a Suicide, 1986)
Guns and Roses "Welcome to the Jungle" (Appetite for Destruction, 1987)
Guns and Roses “Move to the City” (Live Like a Suicide, 1986)
Guns and Roses "Night Train" (Appetite for Destruction, 1987)

PROGRAMA #299 (07/09/2017)


DOWNTOWN BOYS “A Wall” (Cost of Living, 2017)
STARCRAWLER ”Used to Know” (Ants, 2017)
LEE BAINS III & the GLORY FIRES “Breaking It Down!” (Youth Detention, 2017)
FLAMIN' GROOVIES “Crazy Mazy” (Fantastic Plastic, 2017)
FLAMIN' GROOVIES “I Want You Bad” (Fantastic Plastic, 2017)
FLAMIN' GROOVIES “End of the World” (Fantastic Plastic, 2017)
CHRIS ROBINSON BROTHERHOOD “Behold the Seer” (Barefoot in the Head, 2017)
CHRIS ROBINSON BROTHERHOOD “Blue Star Woman” (Barefoot in the Head, 2017)
JOHN NEMETH “Feelin’ Freaky” (Feelin’ Freaky)
NICOLE ATKINS “Goodnight Rhonda Lee” (Goodnight Rhonda Lee, 2017)
NICOLE ATKINS “A little crazy” (Goodnight Rhonda Lee, 2017)
NICOLE ATKINS “Listen Up” (Goodnight Rhonda Lee, 2017)
NICOLE ATKINS "A Night of serious drinking" (Goodnight Rhonda Lee, 2017)

PROGRAMA #298 (27/07/2017)


1. HOLLYWOOD STARS “Sunrise to Sunset”
2. HOLLYWOOD STARS “It’s Got to be Today”
3. HOLLYWOOD STARS “King of the Night Time World”
4. HOLLYWOOD STARS “Roses and Rainbows”
5. HOLLYWOOD STARS “All the Kids on the Street”
6. HOLLYWOOD STARS “Weekend Love”
7. THE QUICK “It Won’t Belong”
8. THE QUICK “Rag Doll”
9. THE QUICK “No No Girl”
10. THE QUICK “Pretty Please Me”
11. RUBINOOS “I Think We’re Alone Now”
12. RUBINOOS “Leave My Heart Alone”
13. EARTH QUAKE “Hit the floor”
14. RUBINOOS “Hard to Get”
15. RUBINOOS “I Never Thought It Would Happen”
16. MILK N’ COOKIES “(Dee, Dee You’re) Stuck On a Star”
17. MILK N’ COOKIES “Little Lost and Innocent”
18. MILK N’ COOKIES “Not Enough Girls (In the World)”
19. MILK N’ COOKIES “Tinkertoy Tomorrow”
20. KISS “Anyway You Want It”